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Last Call Biography

  • Last Call started as a musical project initiated by Vincent shortly following a reunion with Albert after many & many years... Started as a cover-band for fun & testing several lineups, Albert decided he only wanted to concentrate on composing new material. He was shortly joined by Olivier and Johanna.
    Hereunder the members of the Last Call musical project:
  • Albert Camphyn - Born in the Congo, Albert was raised in Africa and in Europe. He first learned the piano when he was a child and started playing guitar - as an autodidact - at the age of 15. He got a Master degree in Musicology, Archeology & History of Art. As if these contrasting backgrounds weren't enough, it was in Europe, North America and Scandinavia where he really started making a name for himself as a session guitarist and arranger for several bands and artists.
    Multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboards, bouzouki, mandolin, ...), composer and arranger, Albert was a professional musician for many years, travelling the world, meeting wonderful musicians & talents in several countries, allowing him to get as much experience as he could.
    He worked for 8 years with the Norwegian singer Ulf Eirik Tidemann, under the name of "Victoria Station" composing & recording around 150 songs.
    Tired of the show business sphere and of the lifestyle on the road, Albert now concentrates only on musical styles he aspires towards, thus giving him total creative freedom.
    Albert together with the danish guitarist Ulrik Mogensen was the founding member of the international rock band DrAW. Together and with the different members of the band, they released 9 CD's during their 13 years of existence.
    Albert is also a renowned session musician, composer, producer & arranger for various artists. 
  • Vincent Hens - Vincent & Albert met when they were 15 y.o. in a belgian boarding school. Passionate about music, they learned music together, spending all their spare time and week-ends working hard on their instruments. Soon, Vincent became a very talented drummer and managed to gather a lot of experience through the years, on stage as well as during professional studio recording sessions.
    Being self-taught, he nonetheless started his musical experience with two years of solfège and piano, but finally chose the drums as his favourite instrument. 
    He was lucky to be able to participate in several work-shops, organized by JAZZ AU VERT with internationally acclaimed drummers such as Bruno Castelluci and Stéphane Galland. Being a fan of the famous Bands of the seventies (Genesis, Pink Floyd…) Vincent played in several coverbands, covering songs from the seventies until present days like: KHEOPS, JUST BEFORE and WAKE-UP among others. He participated actively in the musical composition of several bands like: WHAT THE HELL and ANABIS, giving many concerts in Brussels and elsewhere in Belgium.
    In 2015, he founded Last Call, together with Albert Camphyn and Olivier Reynaerts. Although Last Call was a cover band at first, Albert and Olivier quickly decided that the group would concentrate exclusively on their own compositions. 
  • Olivier Reynaerts - Olivier is “Bruxellois” by origin.  Having received a classical piano training he competed in different piano contests.
    Olivier plays various synthesizers simultaneously and composes for several bands specialized in ‘chanson française’ aswell as for a Congelese band "Les Prophètes" that produces a record with the RTBF (radio & TV) in the framework of the broadcasting program “Un certain courant d’air chaud”.
    Together with Daniel van Campenhout he also composes the anthem of the Waterloo Hockey Club.  
    During a friend's birthday party, he met top-notch musicians Albert Camphyn, Vincent Hens and singer Johanna Storimans. This encounter led, several years later, to the production of the first album of the band Last Call, titled A Thief in the Gift.
    Besides working on this album, to which Olivier contributed considerably, he performs at painting exhibitions, together with singer Sophie Couturiaux. 
  • Johanna Storimans - Johanna is Dutch by origin and arrived in Brussels in the early eighties, being invited for a party and making it her home base ever since.
    ‘This city just has its way of getting under your skin, and time indeed turns out to be a very relative concept, I realized some thirty years later! Brussels being the world in a nutshell, you can even stop travelling - which, by the way is good for my carbon imprint. The diversity in nationalities and cultures is amazing and can easily compete with the Big Apple.’  
    Being interested in many different music styles Johanna sang with rhythm & blues bands Rabbit & Clover and The Spitfires, gave it a try with world music, singing in duet with Angolese musician Groovy, and collaborated with Love Lunch Cooperation [electro-pop].
    Another fun memory was a concert in De Vooruit in Gent, improvising opera-like vocalizations in support of a performance of the English poet and musician Ted Milton the front man of Blurt. Working as the personal assistant of Dani Klein - from Vaya Con Dios -during a European promotion tour, gave her the opportunity to experience some of the ins and outs of the music business. Since 2014 Johanna is the lead singer of the Brussels based Rock/Blues/Funk band Crosstown.
    When Albert Camphyn invited her to jump on the Last Call train she did not hesitate a second, as this called for writing lyrics, a craft she was tempted to try for quite some time. Writing lyrics to existing music was quite a ride and she hopes you’ll enjoy it as much as she did. 

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